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The Float Spa is an Epsom Salt-Water Hydrotherapy Environment for Home or Commercial Installations. This site is all about floating !

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Your First Float

As you enter your private mineral spa, your body is gently cradled by the warm salt water. You are instantly weightless, floating peacefully and effortlessly on your back. Enjoying the freedom from light, noise, and gravity, your body relaxes and releases the tension it holds. Your mind stops chattering and brainwave activity is reduced, resulting in a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. You are now in a stress-free world of limitless potential, unaware of time and space. Your healing has begun.

While floating motionless, feel what goes on inside your body, mind, and spirit. In this loving, accepting, and supportive atmosphere, you are free to think, be, or feel whatever you wish. An hour passes like several minutes. As if awakening from a deep sleep or therapeutic massage, you are renewed and relaxed. You will come out glowing and radiant. Your skin will be toned and refreshed. Your mind will be clear and alert. The night after a float, you will sleep deeply and comfortably. A feeling of well being will stay with you for days.

For first-time floaters a complete orientation, including a short video, is provided. If you like, you can bring your own music on CD or cassette.

Float Spa with Enclosure - the most thermally efficient model