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The Float Spa is an Epsom Salt-Water Hydrotherapy Environment for Home or Commercial Installations. This site is all about floating !

High-Tech Floatation Spas

For t he Ultimate Float Experience

The Float Spa Base Spa

Superb craftsmanship and a beautiful finished product. See a diagram here.


  • Fiberglass molded Spa (pool blue)
  • Aluminum Spa frame
  • Fiberglass frame skirt
  • Molded-in no-slip bottom
  • 400-watt, digital controlled heating system (industrial rated)
  • 1/2 horsepower filtration system with ozone purification (salt water rated)
  • stereo speakers (transducers) with in-spa switch system
  • In-spa switch system for lights
  • One-year warranty

The Float Spa is built with care and superb craftsmanship