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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to float?

Imagine a place that you could go and completely escape from life's pressures and stress; a place where pain seems to melt away. Imagine all of your overworked physical senses being quieted, so that you can close the door to outside interference and open the window to inner peace and self awareness. This is what it's like to float.

What is REST?

The acronym REST stands for Restricted Environment Stimulation Therapy. It is a way to relieve stress and achieve profound relaxation by simply floating in 8 to 10 inches of warm salt water. "Some participants say they haven't experienced this kind of peace since the womb." (Ernie Randolfi, expert on stress management)

What is a floatation tank?

The floatation tank is a therapeutic, educational, and recreational tool in which you can put the world on hold. By restricting all sensory input, you can increase sensory awareness. You can learn to control your body and mind by being alert and listening to the subtle internal signals and messages available to you. The experience of weightlessness is achieved by floating in 1,000 pounds of healing, soothing Epsom Salts and skin temperature water. This results in freedom from sensory distractions, gravity, pressure, tension, stress, fatigue, and pain.

What happens to brain waves ?

It is well known that alpha waves are generated by the brain in times of relaxation, but with floatation the slower theta waves are generated, sometimes accompanied by vivid memories, free association, sudden insights, creative inspiration, and feelings of serenity and oneness with the universe.

How does floating help to produce theta waves ?

Although you can learn to generate theta waves by practicing meditation for many years, studies at Texas A&M and the University of Colorado have shown that floating increases production of theta waves simply by providing the environment to attain the meditative state. Floaters quickly enter the theta state while remaining awake and consciously aware of all the vivid imagery and creative thought that passes through their minds, and the effect is reciprocal for up to three weeks.

Will my skin wrinkle ?

No, because the high salt level in the water does not take salt out of your skin, which is the reason skin wrinkles. Floatation will leave your skin soft and smooth.


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