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The Float Spa is an Epsom Salt-Water Hydrotherapy Environment for Home or Commercial Installations. This site is all about floating !

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"An enclosed chamber, filled with ten inches of a warm saturated solution of Epsom salts...minimizes the effects of gravity, giving the floater a sensation of weightlessness...the floater is freed from the constraints of the body and the distractions of the world, and gains new powers of concentration, mental clarity, and creativity. Emerging from the tank, the floater experiences a heightening and intensifying of all senses, an increased ability to withstand and deal with stress, and a feeling that both the inner self and the outer world have been renewed." (Michael Hutchison, from the Introduction of The Book of Floating)

From Benjamin Franklin:

"I went at noon to bathe in Martin's saltwater hotbath, and floating on my back, fell asleep, and slept near an hour without sinking or turning over. I never did before, and should have hardly thought it possible." (Benjamin Franklin)

From Thomas Edison:

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." (Thomas Edison)

From John F. Kennedy:

"We all came from the sea, (The blood in our bodies is 3% saltwater) and when we go back to the sea...we are going back to whence we came." (John F. Kennedy)

Wholeness, Completeness

"During the nine years that I have been a paraplegic, I have spent a great deal of time meditating, reading and using many of the products and services available for enhancing and expanding my mind and spirit. After two floats in two days, my life totally changed.

During the float, I felt so very WHOLE. Floating has awakened my mind to higher levels of intuition and creativity and has awakened my senses to incredible new perceptions. Hours, days and weeks after floating I am still experiencing mental, emotional and physical changes.

I sense the perfect order in myself and everything around me. I can, for the first time, identify with what I have read about but never expected to personally understand - the sense of just BEing, AMness, ONEness! Life itself has become much less complicated and less difficult.

I will float every opportunity I can get. For me, nothing has been more significant in accelerating my quest for spirituality and higher levels of consciousness. It's what works for me. I feel a profound energy has permeated my whole being." (Terry Terrell, freelance writer and photographer)


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